2020-Sep-18: Unauthenticated/Authenticated Remote Code Execution in EC-Cube bughunting blog 0day
2019-May-31: Ridibooks multiple vulnerabilities bughunting bugbounty pentest
2019-May-21: Harekaze CTF 2019 Writeup ctf writeup harekaze 2019 web
2019-Jan-17: GNUBoard5 RCE & MySQL Credential Leak bughunting pentest KVE writeup gnuboard
2018-Nov-29: BCTF2018 babyweb Writeup ctf writeup babyweb bctf2018 web postgre fastjson
2018-Sep-28: 1000USD from KISA Bug Bounty bughunting pentest KVE bugbounty
2018-Sep-16: TrendMicro CTF 2018 Writeup ctf writeup trendmicro 2018 rev crypto
2018-Sep-03: TokyoWesterns CTF 2018 Writeup ctf writeup exploit xss
2018-Apr-28: ASISCTF 2018 Moehost Solution writeup asisctf pentest exploit ctf
2018-Apr-28: ASISCTF 2018 Gameshop Solution writeup asisctf web exploit ctf
2018-Mar-26: VolgaCTF 2018 Lazy Admin writeup ctf writeup exploit xss
2018-Mar-23: notes on qemu-system development qemu notes
2018-Mar-04: Welcome to my blog notice blog dev


2020-May-18: DEFCON Quals Web exploit (Participated as r3kapig) Markdown Python
2020-Mar-17: Unzip with different encoding Python
2020-Mar-06: GNUBoard RCE ~2019.1 HTML JavaScript
2020-Mar-02: Deobfuscated Papago API (Python/Javascript/PHP) : Blocked as of December 2020 PHP Python JavaScript
2020-Feb-09: CodeGate 2019 CSP challenge writeup Markdown PHP
2019-Sep-10: 2019 Cyber Operations Challenge Finals Pistol Exploit Markdown Python CSS
2019-Aug-16: Install MobSF Framework on CentOS 7 (with Headless Dynamic Analysis) Shell
2019-Jun-15: Docker runner for CTF Python Nginx
2019-May-19: Harekaze CTF 2019 WEB Writeup (Yokosuka Hackers) Markdown
2019-Jan-27: CodeGate 2019: Rich Project exploit Python
2019-Jan-16: KVE-2018-0441, KVE-2018-0449 RCE PoC (Windows Only) JavaScript Text PHP
2018-Feb-13: iptime WOL in python Python
2018-Jan-26: Blind SQLi 2018: Utilizing SQL standard to create payloads Markdown
2017-Nov-03: Lotto Exploit PHP Python
2017-Nov-03: familiar (485pt) XXE + SSRF Python
2017-Oct-29: iptables configuration for connections between irssiproxy and irccloud Shell
2017-Jul-02: SecuInside 2017: Mathboy7 (415pt) Markdown
2017-Apr-16: Migrating old php files to newer versions Python
2017-Mar-31: How to convert HTTPS Certificates for RDP auth (using Caddy) PowerShell Python
2016-Sep-12: ASIS CTF 2016 Finals: pentest (298pt) Markdown Python
2016-May-05: MySQL Query class for php5/php7, made for personal use PHP
2015-Jul-27: jff3 2015: web_mbm2 exploit Python
2015-Jul-01: pip update all packages Python
2015-Feb-11: IP ban and check for fake IPs PHP
2015-Feb-11: Install newest version of ARM nginx on Raspberry Pi Shell
2015-Feb-07: Detect software-based Virtual Machine in VB6 VBA
2015-Feb-07: Wipe the empty disk space on Linux Shell
2015-Feb-07: Change WLAN MAC address randomly in OSX Python
2015-Feb-07: MacPorts Yosemite PHP+nginx Installation Markdown Nginx XML Property List
2015-Feb-07: cloudflare auto ddns + memory flush PHP